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We know that a number of people are having a hard time studying Korean because a teacher is not always available and some do not know where to start. We believe that collective intelligence is sometimes better than books alone. So tell us where you started and how you study Korean. 
....What are you waiting for?

 Sejong the great 

The speech sounds of our nation are different from those of China and are not confluent in writing. Thus...and I've never seen this kind of website so far. This is incredibly amazing !

Crystal (US Team Leader.)

This is the best place to know how to start learning Korean, where to go, where to stay, what to eat when you travel. If you know some places, tell us your memorable story.

Eddie (Operation Dept.)

South Korea is a wonderful country where you can set your goal. My favorite thing to do after a long day at work is riding a bicycle along the Han river park and then have Chicken and beer.

Wayne (Motivation Dept.)

I can show you the world. Listen to me. You are the best the brightest the bravest the boldest and someday you are going to be setting records nobody has done before. You are the Champion!

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