You are currently viewing 4 ways to get to Seoul Station from Incheon International Airport

4 ways to get from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station

4 ways to get from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station


1. What is Incheon Airport like?

Incheon International Airport is the largest international airport in Korea. Incheon Airport has two terminals and is currently constructing a third terminal. Construction of Incheon International Airport began in 2 and was completed in 3. After that, the second terminal was successfully opened in January 1992 for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

Yeongjongdo, where Incheon International Airport is currently located, was originally divided into five islands. However, the Incheon International Airport was built by reclaiming the two largest islands among the five islands.

Incheon Airport has also been selected as the 'International Airport with the Best Service (ASQ)' for 12 years.

As one of the best airports in Northeast Asia, it is growing in popularity with large numbers of visitors.

(1) Is Incheon Airport the first airport?

no. Before Incheon Airport, there was Gimpo Airport.

Gimpo Airport was the first airport in Korea to open in 1958 and remained as an international airport until 2001. It is located about 40 minutes by car from Incheon Airport and about 30 minutes by subway.

When using the subway, the price is about 2000 won.

(2) Is Gimpo Airport currently closed?

no. Gimpo Airport is currently famous as the largest domestic airport (domestic). Of course, we operate flights to Asian regions such as Japan, China, and Taiwan, and Southeast Asia, but people living in the metropolitan area use it when going to Jeju Island.


(3) Can I get to Seoul Station from Gimpo Airport?

The best way to get to Seoul Station from Gimpo Airport is by subway. You can also go by bus, but as a foreigner, the easiest and easiest way is the subway.

Now, this article explains how to get from Incheon International Airport to Seoul Station. Let's take a look at the picture below.

If you look at this picture, you can see the number '130'. This is Yeongjongdo, where Incheon International Airport is located. And the '120' part marks the way to Seoul station.

2. How to get from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station

(1) bus

If you take the bus, you can minimize your luggage worries. Most travelers are worried about a lot of bags and luggage when they travel. But don't worry, there's space for luggage at the bottom of the bus.

It takes approximately 1 hour to 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to Seoul Station by bus.

First of all, I would like to inform you that there are many routes to Seoul Station, and it may take longer than expected because the city of Seoul is much larger than expected.

To purchase a bus ticket, you must go to the desk that sells 'Airport Limousine Tickets'. There are two locations in Terminal 1, near Gate 1 and Gate 4 on the first floor. You can purchase bus tickets here. In Terminal 8, you can purchase on the 2st basement floor instead of the 1st floor. The desk is located on the 1st basement floor near the bus platform.

(Important point: You can purchase tickets on the 1st floor in Terminal 1, and the 2st basement floor in Terminal 1).

Even if you do not have a bus ticket, you can board the bus with a credit card or cash. If you have a VISA card, you can use it without any problem. If you are paying in cash, it is better to exchange money in advance.

If you do not have a credit card, you will need to obtain a transportation card that can be used in Korea at a nearby convenience store. This transportation card is usually called the T-money card, and is used to charge the card in cash and use public transportation.

Most buses to Seoul start with the number '6'. For example, the numbers 6002, 6003, 6015, and 6300 can be confusing in a way. You can check the bus number of the desired place by checking the link below.


The above picture is an overview of the picture you can see when you come out from the 1st floor of Incheon International Airport Passenger Terminal 1. The nearest alphabet is the arrival gate, numbers 1 to 14 indicate the entrance to the airport.

What we're going to look at today is the bus going to Seoul, so you'll need to take the bus from 3 to 7. There is a bus going to Seoul Station, but I'm talking about all the buses going to Seoul right now.



The picture you are looking at right now is Incheon International Airport Terminal 2. As mentioned above, the bus stop at Terminal 2 is on the 1st basement level. The picture you are looking at may be a little confusing because it is a combination of the first floor above the ground and the first basement.

We will focus on the area labeled B1 (Transportation Center) below. When you get down to the basement, there is a place where you can go by subway and a place where you can catch a bus. All the stops (platforms) in front of the bus waiting room are buses to Seoul, so you can easily find them.


(2) subway

There are two subways at Incheon International Airport. Both are called AREX, the first is a direct train and the second is a regular train. The difference between the two trains is that the direct train goes directly from Incheon International Airport Passenger Terminal 2 to Seoul Station, while the regular train allows you to get on and off at any stop between Incheon Airport and Seoul Station.

You can board the subway on the 1st basement floor of both Terminal 2 and Terminal 1. Regular trains can be boarded in the same way as subways in downtown Seoul. If you have cash only, please note that there is a kiosk where you can use cash to purchase subway tickets.

On the other hand, for direct trains, you need to purchase a separate ticket just like you would on KTX or Mugunghwa. The price is 9,000 won for adults and 7,000 won for children. If you are a permanent employee, you can purchase a ticket at a lower price.

Below is information on other stations between Seoul Station and Incheon Airport.


If you are taking a direct train. There is no station where you can get off from Incheon Airport to Seoul Station. Because it runs straight to Seoul Station. On the other hand, if you take a regular train, you can transfer to the Incheon Subway, and transfer to the Jungang Line or Gyeongui Line.

If you go to Seoul Station by regular train, it takes about 1 hour, and the direct train takes about 50 minutes.

There is no big difference in the time required, but I think it has the advantage of being able to relax a tired body with one seat per person.


(3) taxi

There are two main types of taxis.

The first is a taxi we often see on the road, and the second is an International Taxi. The biggest difference is that international taxis are more specialized for foreigners.

Also, since it is an SUV, not a regular passenger car, it can be used if you have a lot of luggage or if there are many passengers.

When boarding a taxi, both Terminals 1,2 and 1 are boarded on the first floor. You can easily find a taxi stand by crossing the crosswalk at the bus stop.

To use an international taxi, there is a desk at Gate 1 for Terminal 4 and Gate 2 for Terminal 3, so please go and register before using it.


(4) passenger car

Whether we want to see off our loved ones or pick up our friends, we take our car to the airport. There are 2 parking lots at Incheon International Airport. The first is a long-term parking lot, and the second is a short-term parking lot. Literally a place where you can park your car in the long run, a place where you can park your car in the short term.

You can park your car when you need to meet your acquaintances. The fee is 30 won for 1,200 minutes, regardless of whether it is a small car or a large car.

After that, 15 won is added every 600 minutes. Here's a tip: if your friend's flight is scheduled to arrive at 5:4, make sure to be in the parking lot by 50:XNUMX.

This is a way to save on parking fees even a little, as it usually leaves around 5:5 instead of at 20:XNUMX.

After that, you can take a navigator and go to Seoul Station.



3. Concluding

If you are going to Incheon International Airport for the first time, you may be surprised by its size and be embarrassed. It's wide, so it's easy to forget the road. But if you set your mind and read the signs slowly, you can easily get to where you want to be. You can also get there faster with information desk staff located throughout.

Hope you have a nice trip.