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Do you want to become K-Friends?


What is K-friends?

D0 you know how to become K-friends?
Of course you are my friends which means you are a K-friend(Korean-Friend)

But What if you can get a certificate for K-Friends! and here is what I’ve gotten today!

Details on KTO


This certificate is guaranteed by Korean Tourism Organization(KTO). KTO was founded in 1962 to provide information on Korea travel. Basically, they provide a lot of information A to Z on Korean Tourism such as transportation, accomodations, shopping, foods. You can go to the website for more information.

Go to KTO 

How to get K-friends certificate


(1) Go to



(2) You need to create your K-friends account by simply filling out some information on you.



(3) The information you need to fill out: E-mail address, password(2 times), First name, Last name, Postal code, your Facebook name, your Facebook address, your real address(if you want to get the paper certificate)




(4) Last thing you can fill out is Referral’s K-friends website friends email address :
You don’t need to fill up this part if you don’t want. But that is my email address.



(5) If you did all the process, you can find Congratulations message from KTO